What Our Clients Say

"Mr. Chea is truly an outstanding immigration lawyer. He shows great concern for his clients and is always doing his best to help them with their immigration needs. His solid understanding of immigration process and abilities to handle various immigration cases enable him always to be a success. I am specially impressed by his confidence and efficiency in his work, which has been very helpful in my application for my green card."

Dr. Quan Yang
Associate Director for Distance Learning
Troy State University Dothan
(334) 333-2883

"It is my great pleasure to recommend you the services of the Law Office of Socheat Chea. It was this firm that helped me and several of my colleagues to obtain permanent resident status, and everything was done in the shortest and smartest way. Socheat is a very well qualified professional, and I consider it a great privilege to have him as my legal advisor."

Dr. Sergey Morzunov
Assistant Professor
University of Nevada-Reno

"In my opinion, Socheat Chea is one of the best immigration attorneys anyone can find in the USA. Socheat has a very
in-depth knowledge of information related to immigration matters. He and his office staff are always willing to listen to their clients and give them the best advise. Regardless of how busy Socheat is, he immediately finds time to review any information of a client provides to him. I would recommend Socheat to anyone seeking immigration advice."

Udai B. Singh
Post-Doctoral Associate
University of Minnesota

"Recommended by a friend of mine, I contacted Socheat Chea from the west coast for legal service in filing a national interest waiver. What Socheat and his associates have been providing is their high standard professionalism, through responsibility and prompt handling. Their efficient and quality service convinced me that Socheat's team is the best I could possibly find to meet my expectation."

A Postdoctoral Research Associate
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97330